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And You Shall Be My Fifi

baby animals best of the week Hall of Fame hugging sloth stuffed animal - 5990672384
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Space Sloth Capshun Contest The Winner!!!

astronaut caption contest side effects sloth space sloth - 5867974400
By Unknown

I'm Going to YugoSLOTHia!

cruise trip sloth - 8385581056
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I'd Like to Taste This Flavor of Yours

asking baby climbing finger flavor holding hands question sloth - 6363363328
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vine cute sloth - 112135

Don't Fall... Oh No.

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Gand-sloth the Grey

gandalf Lord of the Rings sloth the fellowship of the rin - 6422097664
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That Look When...

cute begging funny sloth - 7482476800
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Everyone Loves a Good Box

animals box chillin sloth - 5317099008
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Don't worry, Brah. I'll get to the other side in no time.

dont worry road slow sloth - 6702163200
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Why Yes. Yes I Am

climbing literal accurate sloth - 6644354048
See all captions By munCHEEZIE

But Class Ended Twenty Minutes Ago

answer class sloth - 7331539712
See all captions By Sylviag

School is Rough, Especially When You're A Sloth

class school slow sloth - 7038904832
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I Want to Be a Part of This Group Hug!!

adorable hug sloth sloths - 5842352128
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Space Sloth Capshun Contest 3rd Runner Up!

astronaut caption contest easy sloth space sloth - 5867973376
By Unknown

They Said I Could Be Anything...

they said i could be anything chewbacca sloth - 7144025600
See all captions By TheBearKat

A Life PhiSLOTHophy

philosophy sloth - 7336675584
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