Animal Comedy


It's a Tiring Job

baby giraffes nap time periscope sleeping tired - 6565760000
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Should Have Gone With Truth

parrot cat sleeping scary dangerous - 6614129152
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Unusual Stalkers Capshun Contest: 3rd Runner Up

asleep bed bed time bizarre caption contest cat lizard mixed media sleeping stalker stalkers wtf - 5407161088
By Unknown

Prepares Them For the Agony of De Feet

back bunnies captions lying down sleeping training - 6364008192
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You Snooze, You Lose

crying sleeping wake up - 5296860160
Via Pleated Jeans

Haven't Even Seen the Statue of Liberty

cold huddled lions love new york sleeping snow - 6528208384
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The 'Sitter's Anguished Plea

kitten parrot sleeping chasing - 6611034880
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Frosted Flake

breakfast tiger Cats sleeping - 8355153152
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Must Belong to Charlie Brown

cheetah sleeping tangled tree weird position - 6265391360
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Completely Atypical Toddler

best of the week blanket blankets Hall of Fame mouse rats sleeping teddy bear - 5781788160
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Needs More Fudgesicle

actors creepy nicolas cage roflrazzi scary sleeping wtf - 5164835840
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Good Question

asleep gifs i-dont-get-it idgi sleeping tired wat wtf wut - 5811506944
By Unknown

Cats = Interwebz

cat cat bed computer I Can Has Cheezburger sleeping - 5341108224
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The Sun Don't Care, Cat!

angry animals Cats faceplant go away I Can Has Cheezburger light sleeping sun - 5175264256
Via Caturday

Such a Simple Solution

annoyed comedian lion sleeping squirrel - 6524932864
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Must Have Slept Through the Holidays Again

box already sloths sleeping - 6825644032
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