Animal Comedy


You're Making me Feel Sheepish!

aww cute sheep - 8150787840
Via roompets

I Have Seen Everything

knowing sheep suspicious wink - 5781844992
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Don't Woolf Them Down All at Once

cookies puns sheep wool - 7896094464
See all captions By Unknown

Should Have Read the Fine Print

colors sheep weird wool - 7003927040
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As Soon as Mary Arrives

puns sheep funny - 8287366656
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Mom Says I Can't, but I'm Like Whatever, I'm 16! I Can Do What I Want!

nose sheep tag - 7072310528
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Your Fleece Isn't So Great...

judge sheep funny wool - 8048007680
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cute sheep Video - 74128641

This Pekinese Puppy Has All the Sheep Wondering Why an Extra Large Cotton Ball is Trying to Herd Them

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Some Conspiracy Theories are True

conspiracy sheep - 7979326464
By Unknown

The Magical Journey Begins

best of the week cars dancing follow me Hall of Fame happy road sheep sunshine - 6165544192
See all captions By sixonefive72

I'm Too Sexy For the Shears

animals cant-see good looking sexy sheep wool - 5417668096
See all captions By itscrystalohmy

So Needy

face sheep pretty - 7042690048
By iDaviz (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Why Are We Going to Your Car?

dancing disbelief drunk i swear lamb officer sheep - 6230348800
See all captions By benhuh

Watch Out for This Guy! Sheep Not Known for Their Singing Skills!

puns singing sheep - 8144850176
See all captions By onefinekitty

Why Would You Think That? Racist

offended expression sheep family no - 7071928064
See all captions By Greybeard55

Yeah, but I'm Sure You Herd Me...

ewe pun sheep funny - 7868818432
See all captions By mariska0130
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