Animal Comedy


Am I Doing the Duck Lips Right?

facebook monkey selfie - 8380890112
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The Horror!

ducks selfie noms thief - 8431552512
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Don't Do it Monkey!

picture monkey selfie - 8473656320
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Gotta Post Those Selfies

animals cow selfie - 8486131456
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All the Quokka Selfies!

ohai quokka collage selfie - 8457446656
Via Lonzy

Trust Me...He's Doing it...

selfie - 7976490240
By brinnlit

That's One Fine Chinchilla

chinchilla selfie - 8337149440
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No...Selfies Aren't Stupid

bears selfie stupid - 8279861504
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Chickens Like Pretending to Fly Too

photobomb selfie chickens - 8162614784
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Hungry for Love

sharks weird selfie - 8251896832
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Nice Try

funny selfie - 8225899776
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