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That's One Example of the Food Chain...

bears salmon food chain funny - 8146043904
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He Just Wants the Fish...Maybe

scary fishing bears salmon - 8101506816
By Kyler_Cheez

I Will Take My Revenge Upon Your Offspring!

bears salmon bear - 8192612864
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At Least This Club Never Has a Cover

omnomnom club salmon killer whale funny - 8571319552
By LittleWalken

One Reason To Consider Vegetarianism

bears lunch salmon - 8323214848
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I Mean, the Salmon Jump Into My Arms, Right?

bear come honey hot lazy salmon sleepy - 6408463872
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We're Gonna Starve Because of You

dammit bears salmon waterfall dropped - 6930233856
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Who Needs the Surf When You Can Have the Turf?

bears fishing salmon yikes - 8099203328
By onefinekitty

For That Extra Motivation

jump personal trainer salmon bear eating fish - 6671274752
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Fast Food

river pun salmon bear eating fish fast food jumping - 6636022272
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