Animal Comedy


Sing That Song, Shatman!

actors celeb jazz roflrazzi William Shatner - 5074624256
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Learning and Increased Brain Activity in Young Children?

actors elmo puppet puppets roflrazzi Sesame Street - 5325514240
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Uhm, WHAT?!

roflrazzi what - 5711878656
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I Feel Like a Freakin' Manic Depressive!

commercials emotions roflrazzi Sad - 5040732672
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dead roflrazzi twist - 5219323904
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You Did NOT Just Call Me GeORANGE Clooney!

actors no roflrazzi sassy - 5171720960
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Did You Look in the Mailbox?

drunk gary busey pizza roflrazzi - 5511006464
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To Infinity and Bed, Bath and Beyond!

Harry Potter owls photoshopped roflrazzi - 5273955840
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Your Only Real Competition Is Yoda Dancing the Tango

dancing roflrazzi star wars - 5204695808
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The Richest Chameleon of Them All

derp look alikes Oprah Winfrey roflrazzi wtf - 5172340480
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His Story Is Always Changing...

batman brokeback mountain gay heath ledger jake gyllenhaal roflrazzi the dark knight the joker - 5164648192
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Just Let Him Try, Honey!

gay roflrazzi - 5256078080
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No, Really, Don't.

lady gaga musicians pop singers roflrazzi - 5722889984
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Dr. McCoy... You Are Trying to Seduce Me!

escape gay Leonard Nimoy prison roflrazzi sex Star Trek - 5039659008
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Sounds Legit

actors Aliens roflrazzi - 5211118848
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Bring Her Madgesty More Young Souls!

britney spears Madonna musicians roflrazzi youth - 5131459328
Via Blonde Ghetto Realness
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