Animal Comedy


Tony Montana Tiger

cat cocaine face Movie reference scarface snow tiger winter - 6006294272
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42 Crocodiles

crocodile dolphin reference river water - 6032998144
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Quoth the raven...

Badass cool crow edgar allen poe poetry quote raven reference - 5973051648
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Now Where Is Lassie?!

deep donkey farm hole lassie reference stuck well - 6008462080
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Bearback Mountain

bear boo boo brokeback mountain love reference relationship yogi bear - 6018114816
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anteater crowd Movie question quote reference - 5981326080
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Visual Reference Ahoy!

bear best of the week book Hall of Fame lion literature reference tiger wizard of oz - 5981211904
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caption iguana iguanas lizard lizards love Movie movies reference reptile titanic - 6031316224
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Next time...

husky penguin reference sci fi trippy wtf - 6013383168
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Slothdalf the Brown

cling fall gandalf Lord of the Rings pop culture reference run sloth - 5938701824
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Featured on American Farmidol!

farm llama pun reference - 6028597760
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