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But You is Curvy and I Like 'em Curvy!

political political pictures Pundit Kitchen russia russian Vladimir Putin vladurday - 5735750656
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I Do Love a Good Portmanteaubama

barack obama food politicians president Pundit Kitchen - 5051027968
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Entertainment Weekly Graded It an F... For Fun! And Fascism!

military Pundit Kitchen - 5021008384
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Those Aren't Even Plugged in are They?

political politics Pundit Kitchen russia russian sunglasses Vladimir Putin - 5602704384
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HAHAHA, Thanks for the Billions!

champagne lol money Pundit Kitchen rich - 5264241152

God Knows When You Don't

car explosion fire Pundit Kitchen - 5317075456
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Also Not the Same: Chin (Singular) and Chins (Plural)

fat money politicians Pundit Kitchen - 5021012480
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Texas? Again? Really?

george w bush impressions Mitt Romney politicians Pundit Kitchen Republicans Rick Perry - 5198262528
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What Will Those Cunning Chechens Think of Next?!

cops police protesters Pundit Kitchen riot gear russia - 5127725568
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Mmmm... Two Damn Pies...

Hall of Fame Memes Pundit Kitchen puns - 5144355072
Via Sofa Pizza

Baby, You Were Not Born This Way

Anderson Cooper jersey shore orange Pundit Kitchen - 5202760448
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I shave mine in a triangle

classy Germany political politician Pundit Kitchen - 5227202816
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Maybe Not the World's Finest Scientists

doctors Nicolas Sarkozy Pundit Kitchen - 5224461312
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Accurate Description

best of the week donald trump Hall of Fame newt gingrich political politics Pundit Kitchen republican - 5529082624
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Have I ever told you how much I love croissants?

french Nicolas Sarkozy political politics president Pundit Kitchen - 5516607488
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Phew! I Was Worried for a Second There...

dumb Mitt Romney politicians Pundit Kitchen - 5039189504
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