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Brownies are Better

barack obama cupcakes president Pundit Kitchen - 5253680128
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This One Might Be It!

barack obama facebook political politics Pundit Kitchen - 5736468736
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But, it Smells Like Cat Vomit Over There...

nose political politics Pundit Kitchen Queen Elizabeth II royalty - 5360926208
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How Disputes Are Really Settled

paper Pundit Kitchen rock Vladimir Putin - 5598027776
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You Shall Become... Ash Tray!

Pundit Kitchen russia Vladimir Putin - 5078140416
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Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge

aw yeah Pundit Kitchen Vladimir Putin wink winking - 5475976704
By Jay Flores (Via


barack obama Pundit Kitchen - 5484028160
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Hey Dudes, I'm Hungry Again...

eat food hungry North Korea Pundit Kitchen - 5619476992
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Don't Blame Me. Blame the Alcohol.

alcohol drinking hiding Pundit Kitchen riot gear riots - 5013964032
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If God Loved Them, He'd Have Given Them Monies

debate politicians poor Pundit Kitchen Rick Perry Ron Paul - 5182763264
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Before and After

best of the week Hall of Fame Occupy Wall Street Pundit Kitchen - 5300522752
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The Female-Only Military Version

military musical Pundit Kitchen women - 5221143296
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Isn't That a Game for Old People?

fun game games Pundit Kitchen wtf - 5343933696
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Hold a Bake Sale!

planes Pundit Kitchen thats-a-bummer-man - 5163497216
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But You is Curvy and I Like 'em Curvy!

political political pictures Pundit Kitchen russia russian Vladimir Putin vladurday - 5735750656
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Kenneth Ellen Parcel Would Make a Great First Lady

barack obama look alikes president Pundit Kitchen TV - 5039166208
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