Animal Comedy


Aren't I Clever?

australian koala pun - 6222231040
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A Hair-raising Situation

hair hare pun phone bunny - 7534092288
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We'll Wait, Fur a Bit

pun bear - 7778585088
By Unknown

We Espect A Killer Performintz Tonite

pun killer whales funny orca - 7460604416
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Wut Yoo Dunt No Abowt Pigz Cant Hurt Yoo.

pig bliss expression pun happiness - 6604874240
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Itz a Byoot!

bass cat fishing pun - 6078690304
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Who Is That?

anonymous pun moose - 7455771136
By Unknown

License? What's a License?

pun driving funny - 7522492672
Via Tastefully Offensive

Seriously, How Can You Stay Mad at That?

ass donkey lick literally pun puppy - 6531514112
See all captions By Heyguru

A Great Tree-gedy

bear crying noooooooo pun stump tragedy tree - 6464780032
See all captions By zekeoman

In Her Natural Habitat

animals pun couch hippo - 8397420032
See all captions By sheilaf

I'm A Daredevil.

cat pun hug parrot - 6716864512
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best of the week captions Hall of Fame llama llamas name pun puns spanish - 6412140288
Via Keep Calm and Go Ahead

If You Insist.

captions dare eating pun strawberry turtle - 6385589248
See all captions By mamawalker

Mice to See You

toad pun mouse - 7152130304
By kenbaker

Hoofington Post

pun expression mouth hoof derp horse - 6643590144
See all captions By BeckyA
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