Animal Comedy


No, I'm not a metal golem.

confusion hummingbird metal not pretty shiny - 6575724288
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This Time, The Odd Bird is In!

beauty pretty parrot - 7805906432
By conans

Pretty and Witty and Bright

animals flowers happy i has a hotdog nature pretty - 5013895168
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Can You Believe It? Who Wouldn't Want This?

date dress orangutan pretty prom - 5786373888
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Sorry, We Gotta Go

animals Cats colors I Can Has Cheezburger photoshopped poop pretty rainbows - 5183626240
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Oh So Pretty

bright pretty octopus - 8337118208
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She Likes the Attention

animals i has a hotdog moms pretty stalking your mom - 5027815424
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Hedge Side Story

ballet best of the week dancing Hall of Fame hedgehog hedgehogs pretty singing tutu - 6037157120
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Here's Where he Went Wrong

arguing parrots girls mistake pretty - 6755690240
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You Have What I Want

adorbz animals come here pretty raccoon - 5343302656
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Climbed all the way up here for nothing!

climb corn Flower look mouse pretty spring vegetable - 6033012736
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So Needy

face sheep pretty - 7042690048
By iDaviz (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

No, the Other Thing

drunk polar bear pretty vodka wolves - 6481873408
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It's Amazing What a Pink Bow Can do For Your Confidence

cute pretty frogs toads - 7980724992
By Unknown