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Can't We Do Better Than This?

political politics president presidential campaign Pundit Kitchen - 5579296256
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It Hurts!

barack obama political politics president Pundit Kitchen Sarah Palin - 5221063936
By ToolBee

It's Not Him! Let's All Leave Now! Nothing to See Here!

political politics Pundit Kitchen republican Rick Santorum - 5647587072
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If I Hear Santorum's Voice One More Time, I'm Going to Snap!

duck duckling election political politics run - 5868828928
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But, it Smells Like Cat Vomit Over There...

nose political politics Pundit Kitchen Queen Elizabeth II royalty - 5360926208
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A Common Face for Mitt

Mitt Romney political politics presidential race Pundit Kitchen republican - 5467412992
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In Fact, I Do It Better

chimpanzee throwing poop president thinking too late politics - 6628209920
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Politics? Is that a New Poptart Flavor?

america bald eagle best of the week boring do not want Hall of Fame political politics Pundit Kitchen - 5563336704
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But He Cried the Whole Time!

jon stewart political pictures politics Pundit Kitchen Songs - 5059833088
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barack obama meme political politics president Pundit Kitchen - 5290663168
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political politics Pundit Kitchen Vladimir Putin - 5602707968
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This One Might Be It!

barack obama facebook political politics Pundit Kitchen - 5736468736
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Adjusting personality dial to CRAZY

crazy political politics Pundit Kitchen russia russian Vladimir Putin - 5480283392
See all captions By A_Happy_Person

Wide Open and Completely Empty?

political politics Pundit Kitchen republican Rick Perry Ron Paul texas - 5610215424
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CAN'T TELL IF TROLLING... or just Republican

political politics Pundit Kitchen republican troll trolling - 5227700736
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So Much for Elephants and Their Amazing Memories

barack obama economy multipanel politicians politics Pundit Kitchen Republicans the office - 5200348416
Via Best Roof Talk Ever
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