Animal Comedy


Follow the Rules, Man!

france Germany Hall of Fame Nicolas Sarkozy paper political politics Pundit Kitchen rock - 5404262912
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She Rocks and Karaoke

Hillary Clinton karaoke political politics Pundit Kitchen - 5467532800
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Wide Open and Completely Empty?

political politics Pundit Kitchen republican Rick Perry Ron Paul texas - 5610215424
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Have I ever told you how much I love croissants?

french Nicolas Sarkozy political politics president Pundit Kitchen - 5516607488
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Accurate Description

best of the week donald trump Hall of Fame newt gingrich political politics Pundit Kitchen republican - 5529082624
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It's Good to See Him in His Everyday Clothes

clown Mitt Romney nuns political politics presidential campaign Pundit Kitchen republican Republicans - 5680585728
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You Don't Get It, Do You Joe?

joe biden political politics Pundit Kitchen vice president wut - 5296451328
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omg political politics - 5632744960
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Feel My Wrath

laughing newt gingrich political politics Pundit Kitchen republican Republicans Rick Perry - 5684924160
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Game Over for You

barack obama game political politics Pundit Kitchen - 5435797248
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But You is Curvy and I Like 'em Curvy!

political political pictures Pundit Kitchen russia russian Vladimir Putin vladurday - 5735750656
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Can't We Do Better Than This?

political politics president presidential campaign Pundit Kitchen - 5579296256
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Hhhmmm... this water is too wet. FIX IT!!!

kim jong-un North Korea political politics Pundit Kitchen water - 5645584384
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Playing Duck Hunt

george w bush political politics president Pundit Kitchen - 5359733504
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