Animal Comedy

polar bear

You Sound Like You're Underwater

annoying can you hear me now cell phone commercials polar bear talking underwater - 6099405312
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Fortunately, He Likes a Puzzle Before He Eats

polar bear ice apples - 7101899776
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Starting to Think You Have a Problem

addiction coca cola looking polar bear searching - 6507323136
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This Zoo Thing Was a Terrible Idea

annoying bad idea children facepalm mistake polar bear warm weather - 6008159232
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That Idiom Makes Less Sense Every Day

confused idiom polar bear where woods - 6050207488
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Why Would They Do Something Like That?

polar bear really prank angry apples - 6996852480
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Got a Breathing Hole At Least

help options polar bear stuck time traffic cone - 6571187712
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It's Not That Hard, People!

polar bear facepalm tourists picture zoo - 6613793280
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polar bear tube funny - 7749127424
By Unknown

Be the Igloo

polar bear igloo camouflage - 7241749248
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Dancing Lessons We haz dem

animals dancing Music polar bear polar bears - 5529549568
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animals bear hello polar bear telephone this is dog - 5440815104
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Sobering Memories of a Blurred Night

alcohol drunk hangover KISS kissing penguin polar bear - 5637121024
See all captions By Razuli

But I'm a Bear

polar bear doing it wrong ice back - 6648626944
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There's a Car! No Wait, it's Just Snow

polar bear job lonely rush hour waving - 6605739264
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Oppa Polar Style!

polar bear dancing - 6625208064
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