Animal Comedy


I Just Happen to Have an Axe Handy!

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Party rockin' in the House Tonight!

Oprah Winfrey photoshopped wtf - 5333981952
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Happy Shark Week, Everybody!

animals attack kids photoshopped pools scary shark week sharks - 5044573184
By Unknown

Cotton Candy Capshun Contest The Winner!

caption contest cotton candy photoshopped pomeranian what - 5832746752
By Unknown

Cool Story, Broseidon

bros ocean photoshopped water - 5184987136
By Unknown

And Some Listerine!

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By elizabuff

Sometimes Virginity Is Preferable

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Did You Go to a Professional, or Did You Do It Yourself?

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Cyborg Kittehs

animals Cats I Can Has Cheezburger lasers photoshopped - 5217499136
By Sarah

Animal Capshunz: Their Relationship Was Doomed From the Start

Meme of a bunny that has the prints pattern of a tiger and a joke about how his dad ate his mother.
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Bear Dylan Capshun Contest: 2nd Runner Up!

animals bear bear playing guitar caption contest folk music folk singer guitar photoshopped pun - 5701689856
By Unknown

Cotton Candy Capshun Contest 2nd Runner Up!!

caption contest cotton candy cute outer space photoshopped pomeranian what - 5832745728
By Unknown

Now You're Thinking With Soulgates!

animals basement cat Cats fire hell I Can Has Cheezburger photoshopped souls - 5046508288
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Bear Dylan Capshun Contest: The Winner!!!

bear bear playing guitar caption contest folk music folk singer guitar photoshopped - 5701690368
By Unknown

At the Farmer's Market Capshun Contest

bird caption contest farmers market photoshopped pigeon pigeons wtf - 5747365376
By Unknown


animals caption contest i have no idea what im doing photoshopped trains wtf - 5106897920
Via True American Dog
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