Animal Comedy


Dey Only Letz it Ring 57 Timez!

phone slow prank sloth - 8434236928
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Humans are Stupid

animals computer golden retriever headphones i-dont-get-it idgi laptop phone telephone yes this is dog - 5653550592
Via F*** Yeah, Albuquerque

It's Been a Long Time

friends hello phone phone call telephone this is dog - 5382093568
Via Did You Just Eat Sofa Pizza?

Don't Make Me Fin Slap Your Ankles

animals excuse me phone penguin - 8481312768
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Hello, Yes, This is Jane

historic lols phone vintage woman - 5632497920
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Literally and Figuratively

historic lols phone ride telephone vintage what woman - 5734280192
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My Name Is Flopsy, And I Have a Problem

phone addiction bunny funny - 7584664832
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I Guess I'll Just Wait for the Next Camel to Pass...

phone dessert funny - 7930945024
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Stop Being Such a Sloth

phone sloths funny - 7831239680
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A Hair-raising Situation

hair hare pun phone bunny - 7534092288
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I Wear it Everyday!

cat conversation grandma I Can Has Cheezburger phone sweater telephone - 5682234368
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Yakety Yak?

car hello phone yes this is dog - 6066736384
Via Jac of All Trades

Take a break in Nature

animals llama funny phone - 8575479808
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Hardly Anyone Calls Me Anymore

hello horse phone phone call telephone yes this is dog - 5387170816
Via F*** Yeah, Dementia

I iz a Kitteh!

animal cat human I Can Has Cheezburger kitten phone - 5640079360
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If There's One Thing I've Learned

car never phone lying advice trust moose - 6767162880
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