Animal Comedy


Waddle like a penguin. Or better yet, tap those happy feet and find a pebble. These fluffy birds will have you finding your own beat and laughing at their antics and jokes.

They are Evolving

animals evolution what is it penguin - 8368774912
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Awe Inspiring

animals best of the week Hall of Fame penguin religion religious walking on water - 5597958912
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No More Swimming! I'm Taking Flight!

bird birds invisible penguin penguins - 5883466496
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You Mean All Three Were Planned?!

birds children parenting penguin penguins regret - 5869664000
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Way South Park

angry captions grumpy hunched penguin - 6571532032
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The Long and Short of It

llama drama signs crossing penguin - 6990043136
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I Should be Penguin King, Do You Hear Me?

angry grumpy penguin - 6506857216
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And They Said it Couldn't Be Done!

amazing antarctica diving flying penguin - 6483372544
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Mixed Breed Capshun Contest

caption contest husky mixed breed penguin what - 5849550848
By Unknown

These Pokemon Just Keep Getting Weirder and Weirder...

husky penguin weird wtf - 5925979904
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You Know How We Do

animals bros friends penguin penguins - 5241841152
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Come with Me if You Want Happy Wheels

disney terminator penguin - 8369678848
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Step One, Get a Tux

human penguin funny - 7642806272
Via Tastefully Offensive

Arctic Counseling

arctic eat penguin psychiatrist whale - 6402456576
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Start Saving Now

child college kid parent penguin penguins - 5893322240
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What is This Thing?

wtf camera penguin - 8416058880
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