Animal Comedy


This Bird Doesn't Just Mimic Sounds

sports parrots birds relax funny - 8012542208
By Unknown

Here's Where he Went Wrong

arguing parrots girls mistake pretty - 6755690240
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There's a Lot to Like

leaning parrots puns love - 7023802112
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Don't You Have Somewhere to Be?

hate parrots annoying - 6754565888
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Parroting the Classics

old parrots my people need me i must go lucky - 6754649856
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Trust Me: Those Contacts Are Very Rare

parrots not again stop - 6762628864
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If I Hear "Surrey with the Fringe on Top" One More Time...

dancing parrots annoying musicals singing angry - 6755092480
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Here He Goes Again

parrots stand back cocky ego - 6757234432
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I'll Be Here All Week, Try the Birdseed

birds captions parrot parrots pun puns - 6295052544
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Gimme a Little Peck on the Cheek

Cats cute friends girlfriend kitten parrots - 7933176320
By Unknown

Try It Sometime!

parrots wings deodorant stinky - 6848713984
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It's No Longer the Parrot That Does the Singing

Cats talk parrots - 8204844032
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How Do You Taste So Good?

leaning parrots delicious - 7009657088
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Hawaii is Really Relaxing for One of Them

beach funny parrots - 8005988096
By Unknown

Everything's All Better

safe parrots comforting there there watermelon - 6971157248
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Why Must These People Like Picnics so Much?? WHY???

Sad half parrots dead watermelon - 6833131264
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