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Another Gulf Disaster Waiting To Happen

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Twitter thread where woman reviews the accuracy of different emojis including sharks and scientists

Woman Meticulously Reviews Shark Emojis On Twitter For Their Accuracy

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He Waddles to His Own Beat

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Via piano air conditioner


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You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Can't Make Him Swim

beach horses hover waves ocean water jo38ma3 - 7968614400
By Unknown

U Say Sumfin, Burd?

bird derp ocean sea smile water wtf - 6014584576
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I Don't Even Have a Board

cow cows food ocean standing water youre-doing-it-wrong - 6253754112
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You Think They Would've Caught On By Now

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Work it, baby... Work It!

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Udderly Amazing

cow moo moving ocean puns Staring water - 6253996800
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Judgemental Sea Lion Thinks You Should Share

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Now Do the Other Side

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What's So Funny, Whale Shark?

big fish laugh lol mouth ocean water - 5971283712
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A funny Tumblr thread about how insane octopi are | tilthat TIL Marine biologists are claiming there is rare instance non-human warfare happening between octopuses waters off coast Australia octopuses are fighting large groups over territory and even using projectiles such as seashells spit at enemies. via pain-and-missouri Octopi are intense bransrath prefer octopedes celticpyro ÔÇťAnimals don't go war because they're cinnamon rolls unlike ebil humans uwu" Check-fucking-mate Linda,

Tumblr Thread: Octopuses Are Clever Brain Lords

Awesome and pretty terrifying.
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