Animal Comedy


No Duh!

obvious apes funny stupid - 8072585472
By Unknown

I Said "Sunkissed and Hooved" Not "Burned Orange and Obvious".

deer disappointed obvious orange - 6567224832
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You've Been Doing Eucalyptus With Koalas Haven't You?

eucalyptus high lemurs obvious sign where - 6580516864
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What Do They Think I Am, Stupid?

obvious how water pushing ants legs lifting - 6944134912
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Misplacing Your Owl.

find knowing lost obvious Owl - 6218082304
By rbj

Don't Tell Anybody

obvious cat climbing deer hiding - 6687628288
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Not Quite the Astute Observation I was Looking For...

funny science obvious observation pigeons - 7992592384
By Unknown

Good Thing You Warned Me

obvious polar bear traffic cone warning wearing - 6568132352
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Great Hunters Do Not Great Detectives Make

White tiger meme of a bunch of tigers being really bad detectives regarding who used up all the hydrogen peroxide.
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