Animal Comedy


A Sad Truth

bliss captions happiness happy never Sad sheep street - 6347783680
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Are you sure? Have you even TRIED tuna? Or budgie?

like tried cat tuna never wont budgie caption mouse - 8819272448
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If Only There Was Some Sort of Site That You Could Go To for Squee

teddy bear internet never cute hamster squee sleeping - 6637385984
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This is How G-Pigs Roll

best of the week cool guinea pigs Hall of Fame never sunglasses - 6141887744
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We Showed Them

cat parrot never last relationship hug They Said - 6623210496
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Life's Little Lessons

bear drinking hangover headache never vodka - 6470840064
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Need Brain Bleach Now

eagle shocked unsee never lolz - 6591904768
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Trust Me

cougars innocent lie never wink - 6187172608
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If There's One Thing I've Learned

car never phone lying advice trust moose - 6767162880
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