Animal Comedy


Cutest. Rendition. Ever.

dance dancing kangaroos michael jackson Music music videos thriller - 5924082432
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animals caption contest jumping Music wtf - 5185394432
By Unknown

Blue-Water Blues

Music whale puns - 8506469120
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Can't Tell if Guy-Manuel and Thomas or Cybermen

doctor who historic lols Music robots women - 5100982784
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Music chicken Video - 70622465

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural BRKAAAK

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And He Was So Talented, What A Shame

alcohol booze chipmunk drink drunk Music pool - 5999861504
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Whitney Whooston Sings

Music birds Owl - 8588385024
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Not Again, Grandpa

guy Music random person - 5621038592
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But It Has My Cover of "(I Can't Get No) Satisquacktion"!

animals ducks i has a hotdog Music puns - 5175757312
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Misheard Lady Gaga Lyrics

Music lyrics pig puns lady gaga - 8502740736
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I'm More of an Al Green Man, Myself...

animals beds Cats I Can Has Cheezburger mood Music sex sexy - 5214854912
By tadekx

It's Raining Men?

cat guitar I Can Has Cheezburger Music musician - 5350792448
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I wake up in the mornin Feelin' like P diddy

cat I Can Has Cheezburger Music rapper rappers sunglasses - 5319334400
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Maybe I Misheard the Lyrics...

bunnies cute funny puns Music - 8139557888
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If You Really Want to Piss People Off, Try Some Black Eyed Peas

cars Music speakers wtf - 5241929472
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Rock On!

cat Music - 5354281472
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