Animal Comedy


The second mouse is smart, and will always get the cheese. It's not always the early bird who gets the worm, so no more Mr. mice guy.

Thanks, Bro

impress girls flowers funny mouse - 7643776768
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We Will Never Speak of this Again

animals frog mouse no time to explain wtf - 5666337024
By thegirlwithacurl

An Iz Roks It

best of the week cute Flower flowers Hall of Fame hamsters hat hats i has mouse - 6299578368
See all captions By Kitteh_101

Mouse Yoga Class

class pose lolspeak sun yoga mouse - 6738082816
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Would Love To!

adorable animals cute game mouse twister - 5816151296
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Also True of Bears

bad day bears cat mouse rat - 6430278912
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You Can Do This

cat mouse eating tail - 6611618560
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Ahhh, 1984. Dat Wuz a Bery Good Yeer for Colby!

plan cheese money mouse - 6733279488
See all captions By jennybookseller

Because Squilence is Golden

cute mice mouse puns rodents - 6293416448
See all captions By Nightowl79

It's a Trap!

pick-up lines mice mouse - 8193711104
See all captions By tracylos

I've Always Wanted a Protege

bird friends hug mouse raising teacher wing - 6364230912
See all captions By shanebc01

There's a Whole Inch of Water!

climbing flood Flower hanging on helicopter help mouse - 6561297408
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captions Cats dinosaurs miracle mouse photoshop possible - 6552733952
See all captions By dawncrowe

Keep It Up, Little Guy

fitness sit ups mouse - 7677430528
By Unknown

It Happens at the Worst Times

cat danger dont hiding mouse scary sneeze - 6192701440
See all captions By TuckerBentley

If Thats Your Sleeping Bag, Then What's In My Terrarium?!

eat food frog mouse nom sleep sleepover - 5913223936
By _AfterDarkness_
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