Animal Comedy


Who Ya Gonna Call?

military mud Pundit Kitchen russia stuck teeth Vladimir Putin - 5183584000
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Tortoise Squadron Makes its Move

capybara war military tortoise slow - 8441073152
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What? What Problem?

black and white fire historic lols military oops - 5632652800
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Budget Cuts

funny animal image of otter with water gun
Via shadowfogkiller

Can I Take a Ride?

military sexy tank - 5378400512
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He's All Good Now!

aww best of the week Hall of Fame hungry I Can Has Cheezburger kitten love military milk sweet war - 5386877184
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Communist Magic

China flying Harry Potter Hogwarts military Pundit Kitchen - 5230720512
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Flying Fortress

airplanes historic lols marilyn monroe military - 5256901888
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Operation "Santa's Little Helpers"

christmas costume FAIL historic lols military santa - 5146809344
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Show Some Respect, Y'all

animals awesome military - 5235979776
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Helmets Included

Babies turtles military tortoise - 8203697152
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Walking the Fine Line Between Confidence and Crazy

army awesome historic lols military wtf - 5065807104
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Patriotic Prairie Dog has His Day

Prairie Dogs military - 7967325440
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Baconalia Awaits

art color funny george washington historic historic lols military painting soldier - 5170084096
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