Animal Comedy


Big Medal i earnz it!

adorable animals army awesome awww clothing military squirrel thank you - 5378502656
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Communist Magic

China flying Harry Potter Hogwarts military Pundit Kitchen - 5230720512
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Very Impressive, Son

dads guns military Pundit Kitchen soldiers - 5218966528
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animals I Can Has Cheezburger military owls sir - 5123276288
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Tortoise Squadron Makes its Move

capybara war military tortoise slow - 8441073152
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Freedom to Be Just Like Everyone Else

army military North Korea political politics Pundit Kitchen - 5431194112
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Trained Killer

adorable military seal - 5881433856
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What? What Problem?

black and white fire historic lols military oops - 5632652800
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Helmets Included

Babies turtles military tortoise - 8203697152
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Drop and Give Me Twenty!

military monkeys salute sir yes - 5944345344
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Budget Cuts

funny animal image of otter with water gun
Via shadowfogkiller

Flying Fortress

airplanes historic lols marilyn monroe military - 5256901888
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I Trained at Miss Chesty's House o' Twirlin'

bewbs military Pundit Kitchen soldiers women - 5176414464
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All Felines on the Friskies Front

army Battle board game Cats general I Can Has Cheezburger military - 5364625920
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Imma Haul It!

army ass donkey historic lols military vintage - 5243664384
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The Evil Spy in the Third Row

lego military ouch Pundit Kitchen thats-a-bummer-man - 5661090048
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