Animal Comedy


This Isn't as "Smart" as They Make it Out to Be!

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By cratchmaster

Worth a Shot

Cats eating mice mouse sleepy try - 6136171776
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Give That Mouse a Break

computer mice - 7892510976
By Unknown

What am I Doing Here Again?

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Is There Something on My Face?

Cats FAIL mice - 7949740032
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The Legends Were True

cheese mine true oh my god mice - 6863837184
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Just a Half-Dozen Eggs, No Big Deal...

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World Domination Just Got Real

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That High Protein Cheese Has Backfired

mice - 8131488512

Your WoW Habit is Becoming Annoying

annoying mice WoW - 6335805952
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Very Exclusive

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By beernbiccies

Gee, Thanks

mice caption Cats funny - 8505923584
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It's Okay, He Just Needs a Recharge

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By Unknown

Creatures Great and Small Wait for Santa

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Crumbs? Why These Are Whisker Decorations!

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Maybe He Just Wants the Tomato...

doomed mice Cats - 8216750848
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