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best of the week captions Hall of Fame llama llamas name pun puns spanish - 6412140288
Via Keep Calm and Go Ahead

Photobomb Llama

photobomb llamas farm - 7592847872
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Didn't Make the Left at Albuquerque

confused desert llama llamas lost out of place penguin penguins - 6137503232
See all captions By extreme_momma

They May Take Our Fur, but They'll Never Take Our Freedom!

stampede charge running llamas alpacas - 6948795392
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Shame You'll Never See Them Again

dislike eating you llamas scary - 6236091648
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This One is Far From Adequate

best of the week bigger Hall of Fame llama llamas need plastic pool pools size wtf - 5963194368
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Eh, This is More Fun

decisions butts llamas alpacas turn around - 6909632000
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Never Let Your Mom Cut Your Hair

haircut llamas funny alpacas - 8186417408
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Where's My Polka Dot Bikini?

alpaca summer llamas - 8189259520
See all captions By Sandy_Sunball

Nevermind...Alpaca Lunch

KISS wedding llamas alpacas - 7770962688
See all captions By JimmyLee

I Didn't Sign Up For This

wtf nope llamas - 8457402368
See all captions By MirageBD

We All Know That Feeling

llamas happy shopping shoes - 7544159232
By DAVINATOR8001 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Emo Llama

arguing dad emo hairstyle kids llama llamas teenagers - 6018692608
See all captions By TuckerBentley

Quick, Before They're Gone!

smell cupcake running llamas - 7004754944
See all captions By Iheartfunny

Confidence is Key

bad hair dating confidence llamas flirting underbite - 8017529344
By Unknown

I Hope They Alpaca-d a Suitcase

run llamas alpacas - 7961803520
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