Animal Comedy


Seriously, How Can You Stay Mad at That?

ass donkey lick literally pun puppy - 6531514112
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Are You Sure This is What They Meant?

buffalo confusion home house literally song watching TV - 6214064896
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Lucky Dragons

kate middleton who literally - 6839676160
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The Elephant in the Room

elephant puns literally - 8206324736
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Just Give Me One Second to Prepare It

rats puns food Cats literally - 7004804096
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They're Also in Alphabetical Order

Babies ducklings ducks expression literally mom - 6404802816
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You Do What You Have to Do

ass best of the week donkey Hall of Fame KISS lick literally pun what breed - 6292652544
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People Say it Like it's a Bad Thing

cat expression hugging literally monkey monkey on your back - 6387528192
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For One Thing, iz too High!

animals Cats horse black cat literally - 8427301376
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zebra puns legs donkeys literally - 6884433408
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