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Teach 'Em When They're Young

biting lions countdown cub tails - 6766334976
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Oh God, It's Touching Me!

lions screaming butterflies roaring get it off scared - 6910704128
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Sometimes a Good Costume is a Bad Idea

bad idea costume eating hunting lions zebra - 6362429696
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lions funny - 7701435648
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I'm Tired of Swimming. Carry Me.

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Just Hold Your Breath and Do It

lions arguing poop cub parenting smelly changing - 6668238336
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He Does The Lion's Share of Hair In These Parts

hair lions funny mane - 8270418176
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Like Making the Intern Wear the Zebra Suit

better captions costume dangerous lions photography pictures zebra - 6566818048
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Scaredy Cat

spiders lions funny scaredy cat - 7702008064
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You Pet Me Where I Tell You to Pet Me!

lions pets angry Cats - 8052282112
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Survival of the Wisest!

lions cute - 8110584576
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Call It a Teachable Moment

lesson learned biting lions countdown new tail cubs - 6742913280
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Hopefully He'll be the Only One...

lions tickle dangerous - 7775054592
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That Song Never Sleeps

lions Music funny - 8287925760
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Only the Best Capshunz for Me

lions lolcats king tail chewing - 7071574528
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You think we should help hm down? He's gonna be stuck in that tree all night?

lions Staring stuck funny tree help - 6592673024
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