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A lion knows never to play poker with a leopard, they're all cheetahs. These catty kings of the Savanna are punny as anything and just chomping at the bit to flow across your screen. So before you flip on Animal Planet, check out some of the best hilarious lion jokes and memes around.

Deadly Serious

kidding lion scary serious stern unimpressed - 6391828480
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On the Bright Side, I Didn't Have to Pay

eating haircut hungry i ate him lion - 6472812032
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camera lion messy ruined sneeze - 6247660032
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We All Have Our Challenges

cute lion monkey - 7961387008
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It's Not Funny Anymore

eat kick lake lion play soccer threat water - 5789729536
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I Hate When They Get Stuck in Your Teeth

tourists lion - 7414200832
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Overclawified for the Position

bear lion wizard of oz tiger - 8342775040
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They Can't Leave Well Enough Alone

happy kids lion narnia perfect ruin snowing - 6431044608
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wholesome animals, story about a white lion and a tiger who are best friends thumbnail includes a picture of a white lion and a tiger playing together

White Lion and Bengal Tiger Best Friends Since Childhood

An incredibly adorable friendship between two big cats
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Don't Scream, I'm Just Trying to Help

car dropped helpful lion misunderstood wait wave - 6166883584
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Visual Reference Ahoy!

bear best of the week book Hall of Fame lion literature reference tiger wizard of oz - 5981211904
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Thank You Mr. Seger

lion - 7164853248
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No One Trusts Anybody Anymore

cars lift lion ride scared - 6157282048
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I Ain't Lion

lion tree understand funny - 7716973568
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Even Lions Have These Moments

best of the week depressing facepalm Hall of Fame lion lions stupidity - 6218851584
See all captions By Tonnerre

Waking Up Is Hard

morning person lion - 7482001152
See all captions By theunknownwitch
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