Animal Comedy


He's the 'Love Her and Lemur' Type

tail looking lemur - 6710930688
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I Don't Remember This Episode of Zoboomafoo

lemur Song Parody - 6331056384
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Foul! Number 42!

lemur foul football referee call watching - 6625504768
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Beware of the Evil Alien/Monkey Hybrid

branch lemur SOON tree - 6310781696
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Climbed All This Way For Nothin'

climb high lemur tall - 6004413952
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Just a Lemur Misunderstanding

lemur - 7678613504
By yellabell (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

That Email Was Right

branch lemur viagra - 6300237056
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See How Funny it Is

annoyed i dare you madagascar lemur threat - 6741805824
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Trust Me, It's Very Rare that You'll See One of Us

lemur zoo shy guide close bored - 6582943488
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Meditation is Good for the Soul

caption lemur lemurs meditation - 5880752640
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Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

captions lemur funny - 8548721152
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Can I Be Exempt From the Dance?

lemur tired madagascar song categoryvoting-page - 6579507968
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Ebil planz.

Small and fuzzy animal critter meme who clearly has sinister plans based on how he is squinting his eyes, and the LOLscat caption makes that clear.
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So, As I Was Saying...

animals continue lemur listening primate - 5773132032
By Unknown