Animal Comedy


Didn't Know Milking was Such a Touchy Subject

jokes chasing angry laughing Cats cows - 7008129792
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You Flirt!

actor actors flirt grass hilarious joke joking laughing - 5331201536
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Pinky Toe, You Should Be a Stand-Up Comedian!

animals I Can Has Cheezburger laughing monkeys toes wtf - 5042950400
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Quick, Change the Channel!

animals I Can Has Cheezburger laughing sea lions seals TV - 5046729216
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Then We'll See How Funny this Game Is

poop guinea pigs butter baked potato laughing - 7044876032
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You Really Know How to Flatter a Girl

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Tray Again Later

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Didn't Even Bother to Look Through the Fence First

cow stuck laughing trick horse - 6688802048
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Nothing Just Right About That

bears best of the week face goldilocks Hall of Fame laughing porridge - 5966076160
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Oh, I Kill Me

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You Just Have to Know How to Handle Them

jeremy wade tickling laughing fish - 7108200192
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You want ME? To take a BATH?

animals bath husky i has a hotdog laughing no nope - 5449236480
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Maybe Michele Bachmann Knows?

laugh laughing political politician Pundit Kitchen Rick Perry - 5259109120
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vine lion laughing animals - 70592001

This Lion Thinks All Your Jokes Are Hilarious!

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You Guys are Too Much!

grooming tickles turtle laughing fish stop - 6681554944
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Oh, I'm Sorry Sir.

orangutan smell husband sorry ashamed laughing - 6559824128
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