Animal Comedy


He's Changed

bear changed kissing licking lost love woods - 6409555968
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Seems to Work Pretty Well

chocolate gophers kissing note to self nuts - 6442235904
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Kissing the Lipless

animals beaks I Can Has Cheezburger kissing lips parakeets - 5046500608
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Aren't You a Little Old for That?

baby animals cheetahs cooties eww kissing - 5986722048
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Sobering Memories of a Blurred Night

alcohol drunk hangover KISS kissing penguin polar bear - 5637121024
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You Could Have Just Asked

alpaca alpacas crowd hint kissing puns wedding - 6100671744
Via Under the Starrrrs

Prairie Dog PDA

get a room kissing love PDA prarie dogs - 6141262592
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No Parakeet Displays of Affection!

birds get a room kissing love parakeet PDA tree - 6031359488
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But Sometimes We Have Difficulty Connecting

horses kissing love pun relationship stable - 6523502336
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Get a Room!

beluga whale I Can Has Cheezburger Interspecies Love KISS kisses kissing sea lions seals - 5094032128
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bug bugs flies KISS kisses kissing mantis - 5863726080
By ICanHazUsername5

And He Doesn't Call Me Bad Dog

donkey kissing licking pun taste - 6536961024
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Oh Geeze...

nest gross PDA get a room owls kissing - 6933956352
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I Will Get it Back

worms owls kissing stole not eating - 6932429824
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Double Your Pleasure

animals cute I Can Has Cheezburger kisses kissing otters twins - 5185246208
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Can We Skip It Pleeeeeease?

cute kissing - 7383773440
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