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May I Offer a Counterpoint?

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A funny Tumblr thread about how insane octopi are | tilthat TIL Marine biologists are claiming there is rare instance non-human warfare happening between octopuses waters off coast Australia octopuses are fighting large groups over territory and even using projectiles such as seashells spit at enemies. via pain-and-missouri Octopi are intense bransrath prefer octopedes celticpyro “Animals don't go war because they're cinnamon rolls unlike ebil humans uwu" Check-fucking-mate Linda,

Tumblr Thread: Octopuses Are Clever Brain Lords

Awesome and pretty terrifying.
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It's Everywhere

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wtf facts about foxes

10 Incredibly Interesting Facts About Foxes You Probably Didn't Know

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A compilation of 5 tiktok videos with rats doing random things | Thumbnail includes three rats; one eating, one kissing a human, and one eating a snowball 'Look at those tiny hands 🥰 mlem Little snowball'

A Ratalicious Tiktok Compilation Of Romance, Rebelliance, And Reactions

Rats should not be slept on
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wtf facts about sloths

18 Interesting Facts About Sloths You Probably Didn't Know

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Survival of the Stupidest

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Well Color Me Jealous!

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wtf facts about turtles

14 WTF True Facts About Turtles

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