Animal Comedy


Animal Dating Sites Need Better Explanations

hamster i-dont-get-it misunderstanding swing - 5792070144
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Christmas Wishes

i-dont-get-it llama ocean wave wtf - 5521434368
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Heed the Advice of Space Gorilla

dont-be-like-that gorilla i-dont-get-it space stop upset - 5447137024
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Britney, You Shouldn't Be Judging

britney spears gifs gross i-dont-get-it idgi judging you what - 5732753920
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Good Question

asleep gifs i-dont-get-it idgi sleeping tired wat wtf wut - 5811506944
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Honestly, I Have No Idea What Other Emotion to Elicit

cat fear I Can Has Cheezburger i-dont-get-it wtf - 5283648256
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Humans are Stupid

animals computer golden retriever headphones i-dont-get-it idgi laptop phone telephone yes this is dog - 5653550592
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