Animal Comedy


Where'd You Say You Were From?

captions disguise hunting lion suspicious water zebras - 6517315840
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Don't Eat that Human! You Don't Know Where it's Been!

human hunter hunting moose - 5728304384
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They Can't All be That Fast

meme of two lions comforting each other with the caption saying that the next zebra the will catch together.
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Not to Mention Cold Duck

wolves snow cold puns hunting - 7022683904
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Charge On Three

burger charge cow hunting McDonald's revenge stalking - 6295442176
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You Ever Hear of a Grocery Store Big Man?!?!?!

raspberry taunting deer hunting - 8332600320
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ai knows mai biologee

cat fish hungry hunt hunting I Can Has Cheezburger waiting - 5479872512
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The Biggest Horror Movie of the Year

scary stalking deer hunting watching - 6987337728
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What are you aiming at?

bambi canadian cousin grandma hunting sticking tongue out taunting - 6529031168
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We Eat Like Kings Tonight

epic cat fire deer feast small big hunting pounce - 6722355968
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Gotta Pay the Bills Somehow

disappointed scale owls sigh hunting flying - 6761374208
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Then...Then, That Means....

bunnies looney tunes scared hunting season rabbits - 6933496064
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bigger chasing food chain deer hunting Cats - 6909257216
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Licensed to Kill

donkeys hunting funny puns - 7948799232
By Unknown

The Lion Takes What it Can Get

lions deer hunting Cats - 7013605376
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I Think He Might Have Been Past the Expiration Date

bear catch fat guy hunting lunch tired tourist - 6472958464
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