Animal Comedy


A house is not a home, but it can be. If you make it, they will come, so put four walls up and chuckle at some house puns.

Are You Sure This is What They Meant?

buffalo confusion home house literally song watching TV - 6214064896
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I'm HOME!! *pounce...augh!!...POW!!*

best of the week calvin and hobbes Hall of Fame home pounce quote tiger cub - 6426200576
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Aw Man, He Was the One With the Ball

angry duckling home - 6073469696
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Look What the Cat Dragged In, or Got Dragged By?

cat home horse rope what - 6181090304
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Who Doesn't Need More Girl Scout Cookies?

answer girl scout cookies go away gopher hole home rude thank you - 6423611904
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That's a Rosy Point of View

animals home frog Flower rose - 8420608768
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No Place Like It

cozy hamster home house safe sleep - 6015306240
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A Duck's Pond is His Castle

duck excuse me home living room pond power - 6237705472
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Elevated Position

car ride home cruise raccoon - 8328923648
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You Don't Play Fair!

caption children duck duckling ducklings ducks friends home playing run away upset - 5865169664
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The Buffalo Roamed There First

ancestors buffalo home ignore watching TV - 6214369792
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How Long Have You Been Standing There?

bunnies beer drinking baby o hai home rabbits - 6785463552
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Who are You? What do You Want?

alone home Owl tree - 8339174656
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