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Makes Me Want to Curl up in a Ball and Stay Home

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Tony Hedgehogs Get an Early Start on Oktoberfest

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But Why Would You Put Marshmallows on Him?

marshmallows captions hedgehog funny - 8572491776
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Who Wants to Have a Bonfire? I'll Bring the Marshmallows!

cute hedgehog image Who Wants to Have a Bonfire? I'll Bring the Marshmallows!
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You're Just a Grumper

grumpy hedgehog - 7419959296
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Funny Tumblr Posts All About Animals (Part 2)

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Grumpy Hedgehog

grumpy hedgehog - 7400549888
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The Living Room Was Destroyed That Night

fight kung fu hedgehog Cats - 8376817664
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"I Can't See Space Yet, Guys"

hedgehog toilet paper roll funny - 7578950656
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Sarcasm from a Hedgehog

lol hedgehog serious funny - 8131499776
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Learn Something New Every Day

hedgehog husky lesson - 6570584320
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Hedge Side Story

ballet best of the week dancing Hall of Fame hedgehog hedgehogs pretty singing tutu - 6037157120
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He Should Use a Different Line

annoying sticking tongue out hedgehog bunny - 6630642432
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I Mean if I'm a Hedgehog, and You're an Otter, Who is He?

sticking tongue out suspicious hedgehog bunny - 6691737856
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Youtube FAIL

hedgehog stuck tube youtube FAIL confused are you sure toilet paper - 6620093952
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How Do I Even Get in In My Mouth?

disappointed husky hedgehog squeaky toy - 6624443392
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