Animal Comedy


I Don't Want No Trouble Now...

animals bamboo give up hands I Can Has Cheezburger panda bears panda paws - 5145798912
By Unknown

I See What He's Doing There!

gross hands historic lols paintings - 5097059584
See all captions By beernbiccies

But First, We Must Invent the Lightbulb!

hands historic lols - 5084396032
See all captions By scott8919

Why not put DAT ASS in DIS HAND?

actors celeb hands roflrazzi - 5097265152
See all captions By WilliamKeckler

Comedian Squirrel Brings Down the Forest Every Time

hands squirrel stop - 6294595072
See all captions By damekexote

All Together Now: AWWWWWW!

cute Hall of Fame hands heart hearts panda panda bears squee stealing tiny - 6267290624
See all captions By Sparkle0613 (Via Melisa's Bears )

Oh, Like You're One to Talk! You Live in a Tree!

animals ew hands I Can Has Cheezburger - 5123961088
See all captions By Unknown

Zookeeper Bob Gets a New Name

biting bob captions dangerous hands lion teeth zookeeper - 6564487168
See all captions By penelopesdad

You Have Been Warned!

warning baby animals turtles hands - 7104887552
See all captions By mopcey

This Cat Eats With his Hands...Weird

Cats cute blind confused hands raccoons - 7929864704
By Unknown


gun hands innocent law paws police red panda - 5938380288
See all captions By cobra98

It's Ok Lil' Ferret, We Forgive You Anyway...

holding up ferrets hands - 6878264832
See all captions By OneSkunkTodd

Where's the Music?

the lion king holding cub simba hands invisible - 6885416704
See all captions By kittymac

We Had a Deal

agreement deal food hands holding lemming noms - 6255664384
See all captions By alisaorrdaisy

I Throw My Ha- WAIT.

wait song hands ayo hippo - 6661269504
See all captions By Unknown

You Sure Do

cute hands koala - 6246138624
See all captions By larscog
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