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Okay, How About Two

denial diet fat hamster reason slide stuck - 6116799232
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They'll Never Catch Me Now

mexico hamster airplane pilot flying fleeing Travel lolz categoryvoting-page lolcats - 6594582272
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Hamster Butts Are Cutest Butts

butt cute hamster squee - 8457358080
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Very Painfully Indeed

bond villain evil hamster james bond scheming slowly - 6473290496
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Fishing For Carrots

fishing for carrots funny hamster gifs
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St Patricks' Nom

food green hamster nom - 5969772032
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Two Thumbs Up

hamster funny - 7610646016
By Unknown

They Have Everything!

baby cute restaurant hamster food eating happy smile - 6648581632
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I Heard They Pay Good Ducks for It!

animals best of the week caption captioned cute Hall of Fame hamster hamsters I Can Has Cheezburger just capshunz pr0n puns rodents swing - 5197814784
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Has Said This 897 Times

cookies cracker diet dieting eating fat hamster - 6297674496
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Single Serve Size

hamster noms - 8402674176
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Happeh Hamster, Wut Is Your Saje-lee Advise?

advice dream hamster happy nap Other Animals sleep thought tired - 6020335360
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Your mother wuz a hamster... ...and your father smelt of elderberries.

animals awesome corgi hamster i has a hotdog insult - 5373352448
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Pumping My Legs Doesn't Work

hamster swing push waiting cute lolz - 6589663744
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captions cute hamster - 8545681664
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You Will Not Leave This Cage Alive

cage evil hamster sinister trap wheel - 6176822016
By GalderGollum
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