Animal Comedy


How Can You Tell?!

hair historic lols love stupid wtf - 5205544448
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It Finally Quit

hair toupee job donald trump caterpillar - 6952668416
By Unknown

I Really Should Just Let it All Grow Out

bleach captions hair hair dye lion style - 6255150848
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It's How Hitchcock Made "The Birds"

birds corn hair historic lols pigeons - 5070412800
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Iguana Do a Little Turn on the Catwalk

hair looking good reptile banana iguana - 8442359552

Going for "The Bieber"

hair sloth style - 6294586368
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They Grow Up So Fast

cheetah cub embarrassed hair lick mom parenting - 6513817600
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I Told You Not to Go to Supercuts

actors bald celeb hair roflrazzi - 5038941440
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Beak and Shoulders Won't Cut It

clean conditioner feathers hair hygiene ostrich shampoo - 5969473536
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Kind of Like What We Had for Lunch

butts caption fart farts giraffes gross hair hairdo hairstyle smells stinky - 5640682240
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Creepy Come-Ons Sloth

creepy ew gross hair romance sloth smell - 5937738240
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Less Vacuuming Afterwards

cars climbing curious fur hair monkeys - 6219261184
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Don't Judge A Llama By His... Face

beautiful face gross hair handsome llama teeth ugly wtf - 5981153792
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Now She Wants to get Her Beak Pierced

hair punk baby animals birds chick - 8441254656
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But "Chameleouille" Just Doesn't Have a Good Ring to It...

chameleon disney food hair I Can Has Cheezburger movies ratatouille reptiles - 5199608832
Via Final Ellipsis

She'll Taste Just Right

bears chasing fairy tale goldilocks hair running - 6103923968
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