Animal Comedy


Heed the Advice of Space Gorilla

dont-be-like-that gorilla i-dont-get-it space stop upset - 5447137024
Via the pizza queen


fabulous good looking gorilla sexy - 5834974720
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Always Good to Learn a Bit of the Culture

animals attack punch gorilla photographer - 8445987840
See all captions By DMs_Choice

Gorillas Just Wanna Have Fun

gorilla reality relaxed fun - 6585510656
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Good Old Rock. Nothing Beats Rock.

always gorilla rock rock paper scissors - 6482910208
See all captions By Professor

I'm Going to Tell Everyone on My Blog About It!

gorilla grouchy grumpy upset - 5464874240
Via needs more space ships

Wait! Do I Even Wear Clothes?

clothes funny gorilla - 7591478016
By AngelAndz (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

What Happens When a 400lb Gorilla Decides You're in His Personal Space?

come at me bro fight punch gorilla - 8444374016
Via dailymail

And I Can Prove It

gorilla derp windows idiot expression test lolz - 6594114816
See all captions By Nick_likes_Chicken

At Least They're Getting Cuter Too

fleas Cats squee gorilla - 8437506304
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Uh Oh

toilet paper funny gorilla - 7420164352
See all captions By kma_club

And it DOES Look Delicious

decisions delicious eating Flower gorilla loves nom sucker - 6163268864
See all captions By MallardVHS

Got Five Friends I Want You to Meet

date daughter Father fist gorilla protective punch threat - 6489300480
See all captions By Unknown

Live Fast, Die Young

doctor health gorilla - 8485839104
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