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I Don't Feel So Good

bubble-eye goldfish goldfish sick - 5839593984
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But Then, He Didn't Want it to Be

aunt bertha bikini bubbles goldfish traumatized - 6526555904
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I'm Not a Dealer, Dude!

fish goldfish marijuana weed - 5905054208
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It's Happening Again!!!

animals bubble-eye goldfish fish goldfish - 5746883072
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Pretty Good So Far

cat fall goldfish grab revenge sweet water - 6048996608
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That's Quite the Carnival Prize!

amazing goldfish huge funny - 8185421056
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Some of Us are Just Born Grouches

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Yeah, You'd Better Stay Home!

bubble-eye goldfish goldfish school sick - 5846517504
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The Water Is Always Clearer On The Other Side Of The Bowl

disappointment freedom goldfish - 6230753536
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Seize the Carp

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