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Never Feed a Giraffe a Cheerio

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Via Ariana Nuanes

Why it's Important for Giraffes to Stay in School

giraffes fries fast food flies - 6736374784
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Kind of Like What We Had for Lunch

butts caption fart farts giraffes gross hair hairdo hairstyle smells stinky - 5640682240
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He Puts Up With So Much

pain fat annoying climbing lazy zebras giraffes - 6891213056
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A Giraffic Jam

giraffes pun racing Traffic Jam - 6261102080
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At the Vatican Zoo

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Hint Hint

hungry smell baby animals food hinting giraffes - 6945793536
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Don't Try Any Funny Stuff!

advice animals best of the week caption captioned duck giraffes Hall of Fame threat - 5640197888
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The Non-Frightning Cerebrus

first three heads giraffes attempt mistake - 6638609920
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Mom! I'm Too Tall for This!

school mom giraffes - 7873401088
By Unknown

He's About to Strike

baby animals cobra cute Death giraffes lick rare snake - 6479237120
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cute Video giraffes - 73949953

Watch This New Baby Giraffe Learn to Stand

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I've Had it Up to HERE With This Snow!

cold snow giraffes winter - 7994339840
By Unknown

Bird Dentist

dentist bird funny giraffes - 8582444800
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And You're Frustrated When Your Dog Begs at the Table

table dinner funny giraffes - 7953809664
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Every Time Someone Shares Something You Made

like post mine licking giraffes - 7059089920
By Unknown
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