Animal Comedy


He Forgot to Duck

face facepalm puns ducks pond crash - 6836410368
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Because Now People are Staring.

dancing tigers embarrassed facepalm dance like no one is watching - 6809807104
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You Should Have Seen What the Monkeys Did

bears extreme facepalm FAIL polar bears you suck zoo - 6248282368
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bucket bukkit care embarrassed facepalm offer polar bear - 6352688128
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I'll Give Him the Thrill of the Fight

annoyed song facepalm tiger original - 6631280896
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Even Lions Have These Moments

best of the week depressing facepalm Hall of Fame lion lions stupidity - 6218851584
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If You Have to Take Off Your Pants to See It, No One Wants To

facepalm oh no polar bears shame tattoo zookeeper - 6124305664
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How Do They Keep Finding Me?

polar bear disguise patrick stewart facepalm paparazzi - 6614947584
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facepalm lion - 7340354560
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These Pics Will Be All Over the Internet

embarrassment facepalm internet mistake polar bear regrets zoo - 6340360960
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And Then I Remember: I'm a Grasshopper

facepalm grasshopper keys remember - 5781800192
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It's Not That Hard, People!

polar bear facepalm tourists picture zoo - 6613793280
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Unforgettable Unfortunately

fox facepalm - 8450997760
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Sad facepalm tiger tomorrow monday - 6627236608
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This Will All be Over Soon

stressed happy place polar bear facepalm zoo - 6711984640
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The Zoo Should Have a Dress Code

fashion facepalm polar bears - 6965719040
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