Animal Comedy


In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.

You Want to Come Get It?

face monkeys mess yes - 6937120256
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Can't See it Myself...

face of course otters light - 6935411456
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Nose Noms

animals biting Cats eating face hold still I Can Has Cheezburger noses ouch - 5211042048
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Don't Judge A Llama By His... Face

beautiful face gross hair handsome llama teeth ugly wtf - 5981153792
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Tony Montana Tiger

cat cocaine face Movie reference scarface snow tiger winter - 6006294272
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I Need to Think of Better Comebacks

arguments derp face horse insult wait - 6138309376
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Everyone's a Critic

scary face bears water critic cubs insult stories monster - 6829635584
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face monkeys facebook - 6909922816
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Don't even think about it.

boop dont face no nose sea lion - 5979794688
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Especially in Your... Extreme Case

makeup face lipstick crab ugly - 6649998080
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When You're That Cute, It Doesn't Matter

corgis cute face gross i has a hotdog licking thanks - 5276907264
By Unknown


butt face gross human silly licking cows - 6784129536
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It's a Little Awkward on This Side of the Glass

Awkward cute face sting ray - 6192361472
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Camouflage Failure

camouflage cone disguise face hide nose penguin polar bear - 5998579968
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animals catching dumb excited face frisbee i has a hotdog - 5216169216
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Hao Mey Ai Be Of Asistunse?

derp face giraffes hello hi o hai zoo - 5938644480
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