Animal Comedy


In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.

Swans Really Can't Tell Jokes

Sad face jokes ducks swans wrong messed up - 6986462464
See all captions By Ophidia

The Adorable Face Of A Cold-Blooded Killer

funny dog image puppy grins after eating lizard
Via myopathyhurts


butt face gross human silly licking cows - 6784129536
See all captions By Stinkyray

Cannot Be Unseen

butt Cannot Be Unseen captions face gross monkey monkeys ugly wait weird - 6258514432
See all captions By User#7118720

Don't even think about it.

boop dont face no nose sea lion - 5979794688
See all captions By alisaj29

May I Suggest Some Gum?

face elephant - 8501043712
See all captions By Suzi_sMom

They're Worse Than the Frogs

beer bison budweiser face snow - 6265788160
See all captions By Emerald63

When You're That Cute, It Doesn't Matter

corgis cute face gross i has a hotdog licking thanks - 5276907264
By Unknown

He Forgot to Duck

face facepalm puns ducks pond crash - 6836410368
See all captions By TuckerBentley

Hao Mey Ai Be Of Asistunse?

derp face giraffes hello hi o hai zoo - 5938644480
See all captions By ilikeseggs

And Which One is That?

face real creepy spider look - 6645358592
See all captions By hungryme

Nose Noms

animals biting Cats eating face hold still I Can Has Cheezburger noses ouch - 5211042048
See all captions By whatsapoland

So Needy

face sheep pretty - 7042690048
By iDaviz (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Camouflage Failure

camouflage cone disguise face hide nose penguin polar bear - 5998579968
See all captions By Kiwi47

I Need to Think of Better Comebacks

arguments derp face horse insult wait - 6138309376
See all captions By horshooer

Have I not explained the difference between plantains and bananas to you? Stupid humans.

face monkeys frustrated bananas humans stupid - 6943035392
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