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excuse me

Well Excuse Me!

angry best of the week excuse me Hall of Fame hands on hips indignant starfish - 5909657088
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I'm Showing You My Good Side and Everything!

camera excuse me FAIL good side gopher photographer - 6350477312
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A Duck's Pond is His Castle

duck excuse me home living room pond power - 6237705472
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Don't Make Me Fin Slap Your Ankles

animals excuse me phone penguin - 8481312768
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Coming Through

excuse me fish funny - 7582900480
By Unknown

Find Your Own Perch

bird cat crow excuse me perch - 6486161920
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I'll Be Tasting That for the Rest of the Day

excuse me taste gross burp coke fish walrus - 6653309440
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albert einstein climbing a tree excuse me fish offensive quote - 6437691136
Via Reddit

Excuse me?!

Animal meme of a hedgehog asking 'excuse me' to a bunny that is sticking out his tongue in what looks like disgust.
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In the Way of Progress

excuse me poop birds seal - 8348203776
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Just One Moment of Your Time

excuse me nope chasing running door to door hippo - 6788968192
By Unknown

Are You And The Military Down In Recruitment Numbers This Month?

animals birds demotivator eagle excuse me jesus seagull - 5327878656
Via Highway to Hell

I Demand an Apology!

ate excuse me fly frog hello - 6131115520
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I... I Knew That.

attention excuse me gopher mistake photographer prarie dog stupidity - 6363653632
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This Snail is About to Wish He Never Heard the Word "France"

excuse me butter hearing food eating snail - 6994223104
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I'll Set This Place on Fire

excuse me Office Space Owl stapler - 6639112448
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