Animal Comedy


Shame About Your Hair. And Face

evolution insult ugly chimpanzees - 6833024000
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No time for Evolution Gotta Run

cheetah evolution gazelle fast running motorcycle - 6716967680
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Toe-may-to, Toh-mah-toe

animals cat evolution I Can Has Cheezburger murder - 5746774528
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You Call Them Legs, I Call Them Fish Sticks

back off evolution fish go away land personal space yelling - 5945728768
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What Even Is This?

fish evolution scary weird teeth go home your drunk - 7016919296
By Unknown

Mmm, Dinosaur!

chicken dinosaur evolution fact rooster science - 6550959616
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alligators animals beer boat chips evolution - 5476790528
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Legs and Lungs are Overrated

dont-want evolution fish indignant land mad - 6035104000
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They are Evolving

animals evolution what is it penguin - 8368774912
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Looks Like My Sister

animals cat evolution Evolve I Can Has Cheezburger mask whoa - 5692969472
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Millions of Years of Evolution...

annoyed camouflage evolution owls how many licks - 6931686400
See all captions By Never.Better

Look Who's Talking Now

monkeys evolution - 8487843840
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How is it My Fault All of a Sudden?

evolution great iguanas - 6826869248
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We Could Have Had Feathers

chameleons disappointed evolution great lizards ugly - 6129484032
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They're Gaining Sentience

evolution help scary what is this - 6371567104
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You Never Should Have Left the Trees

chimpanzee evolution handsome resemblance smile - 6393868288
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