Animal Comedy


My dear fellow, your garbage can lids

evil garbage can plan raccoon - 6451620352
See all captions By DJAussie

Sociopath Sloth

evil kill murder sloth whisper - 5936087296
See all captions By kattsyn


bond villain caterpillar evil excellent good - 6546717952
By Jasondad

This Is Pure Genius

kardashians raccoon evil TV genius - 7514560000
By Unknown

And It's LATE in the Afternoon!

wolves life Staring evil insanity today - 6878196992
See all captions By mamawalker

I Swear it's Only Google

internet evil plans iguana - 6963138816
By gamester92

It Will be Ours

consequence evil plotting raccoon smiling - 6096128768
See all captions By Desilee

Evil Turtle Is Evil

evil turtle funny - 7548925696
By Unknown

Then My World Domination Plans Can Begin

rat cuteness plan world domination evil - 6602859264
See all captions By xpyrounicyclex

I'm Free!

baby turtles evil hatched egg take over the world - 6819768832
See all captions By linda77

Mwa Ha Hamster!

die evil hamster james bond villain - 6000017664
See all captions By johnny69

Your Boss

crocodile crocodiles evil grin scary teeth work - 6121111040
See all captions By DJAussie

And Stop Making Music While You're at It

africa children evil musicians roflrazzi - 5286397696
By Unknown

I'm Intrigued

captions evil go on koala please world domination - 6557634816
See all captions By smilinbob94

It's Not Very Realistic

cow evil insane kill run scary talking - 6421017856
Via Animal Capshunz

They laughed at my crayon drawings. I laughed at their chalk outlines.

art child children crayons creepy evil kid murder murderer wtf - 5390606336
By xyzpdq1
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