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Watch This Baby Elephant Try to Keep Up With His New Dog Friend

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You Wanna Get Funny With Me, Pachyderm?

bro elephant fight mad punk - 6017192448
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I'm Like A Thundering Ninja

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How's The Scardy-Cat Now?

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The Elephant in the Room

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Don't Be Silly! Of Course Us Elephants Go Shopping!

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Ayn Rand: Because America, That's Why!

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All Your Friends See You Do It, Too!

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Sure Does to Me!

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What Did I Do Last Night?

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elephant cute Video - 73245185

Elephants Get Up Close and Personal With a Camera Left Out in the Wild

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How Was I to Know There Was a Party Going On?

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You'll Have to Find Another Way

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It's Not Soccer, It's Trunkball

elephant soccer - 7683573760
By Unknown

I Want to Swim With the Fishies

they said i could be anything elephant - 7277743616
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