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Elephant Says So!

elephant no time to explain nose trunk - 6014884608
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U Mad?

elephant im-in-your lying down Traffic Jam - 5781794816
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How Was I to Know There Was a Party Going On?

animals bath bath time elephant having fun water - 5271436032
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baby elephant cute - 71899137

Baby Elephant Needs a Little Help Here

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La Go!

elephant funny - 7498078464
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You Wanna Get Funny With Me, Pachyderm?

bro elephant fight mad punk - 6017192448
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animals elephant captions funny - 8477304064
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gifs elephant banana cute - 74369025

Don't Mind If I Do!

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elephant cute Video - 73132033

Watch This Baby Elephant Play With the Birds

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Please Don't Boop the Glass

aquarium elephant friends glass seal - 6519791104
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baby elephant hurt ouch ow pain - 6022932224
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Elephants Love Christmas, too!

christmas elephant - 8390259968
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Ever Since He Saw 'Aliens' on @ZooVision

trunk elephant Movie alien - 8448559104
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His Trunk Was Too Heavy?

elephant mud funny - 7645159424
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elephant cute Video - 72694017

How Helpful! This Elephant Picked Up a Dropped Selfie Stick

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Honey Get Yourself a New Man

carrot elephant puns ring - 6014088960
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